My name is Julia. I am a wild one.

 From a small age I was always obsessed with photography. I was always the kid with the old nikon or kodak camera with no film, just looking through the lens and visualizing taking the photo. As I grew up, I always had a digital camera in my pocket, until the Christmas of 2012 when I bought myself a beginner Nikon DSLR camera. It wasn’t long until I was taking photos for free of my family friends and anyone who would stand still long enough to smile.

My professional career truly started in 2013 when I moved to a small town in Iowa. Fast forward to today and I am so proud and happy with the photographer I have taught myself to be.

So where did “wild ones” come from? I have always felt like a bird, flying the earth and being free. A wind gypsy. Choosing my brand was a no brainer, and I love what it stands for. Go wild. Stay wild.

So, what’a a ‘wild ones’ session like??

 I love to capture a true moment.When we meet, you’ll find that I immediately try to lighten the mood. Having some girl you barely know stand in front of you with a camera, can be a little off putting. I do my very best, to freeze real emotions for you to frame and have on display to look back on every day.

The NUMBER 1 regret that most people have is that they did not take enough photos of loved ones. Once they are gone, we hold on tightly to their memories mentally, but rarely have physical memories to look back on. That’s why I am here. I truly believe that my purpose on this earth, is to help families and lovers capture the essence of a raw moment. You’ll find that I will begin by posing you, but then I let you interact with each other, and smile and laugh, and if you are lucky, I’ll try to crack a terrible joke.

I love the children who run jump and play, who would rather investigate the camera and the world around them. I love the bold, and the ones who do not play by the rules!

As I have grown as a photographer, so has my style. As a newbie, I just wanted to make sure everyone was in focus, and posed perfectly… now that I have the basics down, I shoot for way more than that. I want romance, laughter, sunlight, moody eyes. I want to grow my business, in the style that moves me. It took me a long time to figure out how other photographers are, and what kind I wanted to be… and I cannot wait to share that with my clients, who become my family very quickly…

Thank you for visiting my dream, my passion. Every day I pinch myself, to remind me that I do get to live my passion. Thank you for your kind support and words.