Of course there are many questions when it comes to booking a session in general….

Hopefully this will clear up any questions you have.

What kind of sessions do you shoot?

I love getting to work with every single client I have ever had, because I love experiencing all kinds of people and stories!

With that, I would say that I do have a few specialties: Senior Portraits, Engagement/couples and weddings. I Do LOVE my family sessions also.

I love working with expecting mothers, newborns, children and large families, you name it, I’ve photographed it. I love all different types of sessions but those listed above, are what I would consider my specialty.

How much does a session cost?

A Wild Ones general session starts at $225 (tax included) for local session (includes family, children etc.).

Senior & Newborn photos start at $250.

Weddings start at $1500.

What can I expect at our session?

After meeting you, at the pre-scheduled location, I’ll probably try to lighten the mood with a bad joke. Then we will find the right lighting and right spot for you. I’ll make sure to get you posed up and help you get comfortable in front of the camera. Trust me, I’d much rather be behind clicking the shutter, so I know how funky at first, it can feel. Sessions usually last from 30-60 minutes, but I never set a time limit, you can’t rush perfection.

So then what?

Then I work tirelessly to edit your photos, put them on a disc with a color and black & white version of each edit as well as a print release that gives you legal rights to do what ever you wish!

Still have questions?

That’s ok! Please feel free to email me at