Wild Kids

Ooook folks, today let’s talk about something that is every parent’s nightmare. You tirelessly try to teach your kids to behave, and they usually do, until you get them in front of a camera and a photographer…. awe crap

Now let me start this off by saying, you are not the only one with a wild kid, who fails to listen when they are outside, can run and jump and have a silly photographer snapping away.

I always tell my clients that children up to the age, of well 18, can be hard to photograph. Why? Well how would you like it, if in your 9 months of life, some random day your great mommy takes you to a house or location you have never been, and some lady, who you do not know, sticks a big camera in your face and tries to get you to laugh and look at them. It can be awkward for adults to be in front of the lens, just imagine how it feels for a child.

Now let’s say your the proud mother of, I don’t know, let’s say 4 wild boys? They do not sit still, their ears must be turned off and they are having a blast!? Let me assure you, that this is what makes my heart happy! I want children to be children. I want the candid shots of them smiling and playing. There are no rules here, except don’t hit anyone, hard at least. We want running, climbing, smiling and kids to experience their session as something that is not traumatic. The proof is in the pudding.

Don’t get me wrong, we all have bad days, and that goes for kids as well. But  I would rather capture the moment, then capture something staged any day!






So next time, you are worried that you children won’t behave, or are going to act wild and crazy, just remember, that is exactly what I want! I want full energy, and life, and spunk.

I want the family memories to be fun, and something that makes you laugh….

I mean, come on, what little kid doesn’t want a photo of them picking mom’s nose….

I want them to look back on family photos and believe in the love that they may not remember because they were so young. I love “normal” smiling photos, but I’ve found my dream, and it is in the moment, real life, love.

And it doesn’t hurt to make them hug….

Thanks for reading!



xoxo j.


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